Social Media isn’t Real Life.

We all know this, but we still spend hours of our lives in a lie. It’s only our edited highlights, yet we give so much thought and time towards making ourselves look good. Is this a good way of using our time? Comparing ourselves to other edits?

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If we all know that the majority of things are a lie or partially, why do we still care enough to waste our days on it. If you spend 2 hours a day on social media, that is a month of your year wasted. What is watching YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and scrolling through ‘perfect‘ Instagram lives to compare with everyone else’s edits benefiting you? Is it good for you to waste your days editing content to look good for others, when in reality you are turning into a screen zombie and poster addict?

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If it’s to spread a word of passion, or a business – then i guess its alright spending hours trying to promote yourself/business, that would make sense…. but for the rest of us…. what are we trying to promote? Ourselves and our best times? How much time are you willing to give to this system of self promotion? Is it the best way to spend our time? Is it really giving us the most joy in our lives?

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There are so many excuses. When people say “I’m a creative and to get my work noticed, social media is my best shot”, that’s fine if you spend a few minutes a day updating an account. But don’t spend hours comparing yourself to others when you could be socialising in real life, with real people.

To Be Honest-

If Instagram didn’t have likes or publicly show followers, how many people would use it? Would we all be judging each other by who is richer, prettier, smarter, funnier? We would be forced to think, act, and learn for ourselves  without the thought of someones post in the back of our heads.

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Kim Kardashian has the most Instagram followers in the world and is crowned ‘social media Queen’. But who judges that? What is social status judged on? The number of followers someone has attracts online doesn’t show their value, but what they value in themselves. People will follow people they aspire to be or whoever is worth showing up in their newsfeed. If you scroll through who you follow, do you recognise every single username you see? Or are you following hundreds or random people for follow backs… so you can get a higher status?

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I was born into a world where technology is everywhere. We are taught to educate ourselves with it and socialise ourselves with it. Are we not capable of that ourselves? Or are we developing a screen dominant age? We are teaching others to mould themselves to gain the most social attention. None of this is worth it. We all should be given the opportunity to live our lives to the fullest.

Wasting our time on a screen sculpting reality is taking advantage of the opportunities given. Are you willing to change the game?